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1. Modern science does not pursue the issue of the essence of Life
2. Life, by its virtue, builds a certain mysterious object
3. The creation of Life hypothesis
4. Evidence of the immortality of human Soul
5. What religions say
6. Rules for heavenly life
7. The purpose of Nature and human life
8. Living for society
9. How should we live?

1. Modern science does not pursue the issue of the essence of Life

To answer the question whether a human being is immortal or not, firstly we need to understand what human being is? Certainly, this question should be addressed to the science, because scientists are the people searching for answers in all areas of knowledge about the world. The totality of data about our world in all areas of knowledge is comprehended by the science of philosophy. The main philosophical questions are: What is а human being? Who or what is he as a physical object?

As of today, the research on this subject put on hold by a false narrative that a human being consists of nothing but atoms and molecules! Despite the fact that for today we have learnt a great deal about human beings including a lot of information on medical treatment, this fact does not fundamentally clarify anything about human nature. There are not even answers to the questions like how, why and who created the bodies of the living creatures? We still don’t know how the Life itself is organized and functioning.

Until we understand in details what we call Life, we will assume that this is unidentified creator of every living being.

A living being has the following abilities:
- It breaths – i.e. conducts the process of gas exchange between itself and the environment;
- It feeds itself – i.e. assimilates essential nutrients;
- It cleans itself – by removing of unnecessary substances or harmful waste products;
- It moves – i.e. changes its position in space;
- It grows – i.e. increases weight and size;
- It develops – i.e. improves itself during life;
- It responses – i.e. reacts selectively to environmental influences;
- It multiplies itself – i.e. reproduces its own kind.

Why is it such a poor basic knowledge that humanity needs on the main issue of our life?

The answer is simple and lies outside the scope of scientific research: the poor knowledge on what is a human being is due to the fact, that the overwhelming majority of professional scientists are not engaged in discovering the truths about our world, but engaged in obtaining grants instead. Meanwhile, a few science enthusiasts are simply disoriented by the narrowness of their expertise area. However neither biochemistry nor chemistry or physics independently are able to answer the main question.

Philosophers are needed – people who have the basic knowledge in all areas of fundamental knowledge.

For example, scientists in the sphere of practical biochemistry who directly study the living creatures have already discovered and will be able to discover tons of factual knowledge about Life. However due to the limited boundaries of biochemistry their discoveries brings us not a single step further towards understanding what a human beings is. Why?

An examination of the work of biochemists leads to the conclusion that the vast majority of biochemists as well as physiologists have no idea about the laws of chemistry and physics that have been reliably tested in practice. The vast majority of biochemists have no need to know and do not consider themselves obliged to use even the laws of chemistry in their “theories”. Despite of using the names of chemical elements and compounds in their theoretical work and assumptions regarding chemical reactions in living organisms, the conclusions made by biochemists suggest that they have no idea what a chemical reaction is.

Let me explain this statement by analogy. Chemistry is about the following: for example, if the result of chemical reaction is water, it means that oxygen atom oxidizes two hydrogen atoms. Solely oxygen atom and nothing else! No other way! You cannot have water if the same two hydrogen atoms are oxidized by, let's say, sulfur.

According to the theory of current biochemistry, when almost any chemical substance, conventionally called “carcinogenic”, is combined with a DNA molecule, and even more, when the DNA molecule is only exposed to X-rays, then in all cases the result will supposedly be the same, namely, the DNA molecule will be changed in the same specific way causing a cancerous tumor.

This is nonsense from the point of view of chemistry. Yet the biochemists consider it as a “theory of the origin of cancerous tumors” and the WHO along with international biochemical community acknowledged it.

As a result, biochemistry in its history never managed to discover anything that could be at least approximately taken for a law of nature. Hence, we should not expect biochemists to provide us with an answer to the question what a human being is. Only philosophers can answer this question.

2. Life, by its virtue, builds a certain mysterious object

It is indisputable that human body consists of atoms and molecules. Chemistry very well studied conversion of atoms and molecules into various substances. On the base of chemical laws chemists are able to explain the origin of the nature around us, but this applies only to “inanimate” matter. Meanwhile, on the base of these well-known and reliable chemical laws, chemists cannot explain how those molecules that build up the human body and all living creatures in general are formed.

For instance, chemists can very accurately figure out which chemical elements an acorn is comprised of, they can weigh out half a gram of these chemical elements and plant them in the soil … but nothing further would happen. However a half-gram of acorn fallen off a tree in a hundred years turns into a mighty oak embodying dozens of tons of incredibly complex molecules.

How were these molecules generated? Who and what kind of force put them together? Neither biochemistry nor chemistry is able to at least roughly explain how it happens.

Chemists are capable of accurately figure out what atoms a human body consists of, they can take 50 liters of water, mix it with 25 kg of all respective atoms required to build a human body, heat up this mixture to 36.6 Celsius degrees, but they will never have human body as a result! There will be not a single stable molecule similar to those that are many kilograms in the human body. Whilst a fertilized egg in a womb easily creates a human body that becomes 75 kg weight within 20 years.

Who assembled the molecules and atoms of this LEGO constructor into the human body?

As for today, chemists know only two types of forces, due to which simple molecules are formed from atoms as well as complex molecules (which have a large number of different chemical elements in their body) are formed from simple molecules. These are intra-atomic forces and externally applied electrical forces. Chemists are not familiar with other forces and cannot use them in their work. But the fact is that intra-atomic and external electrical forces can very rarely create complexly ordered reaction products. Most often, these forces can only combine atoms into crystal cell or pretty simple organic and non-organic molecules.

Figuratively speaking, known laws of chemistry help create any building materials, but not the building itself: it is impossible to structure these materials like in a LEGO game. It will always be just a pile of building material, not a building.

Known chemistry forces are unable to create incredibly complicated and structured molecules that comprising even the simplest cell of a living being. They are incapable of positioning the cells in an organism the way it is in a real life.

Known laws of chemistry enable to create various simple molecules let’s call them A, B, C, etc. Chemists can make an assembly containing these molecules but it will always be a uniform mixture of molecules. It is impossible to take these simple molecules and create a new complexly ordered molecule (let’s say DNA molecule of a living organism) so that the aforesaid simple molecules are positioned in a strictly defined order in this new molecule, for example, A-A-A-C-A-B-B… and the like. An intelligent force is needed to extract from the mixture only the required molecules and to insert them into the required position according to a certain program, while assembling the initial molecules and atoms of the organism in a strictly defined way. What is this force? Where it comes from? What kind of object is the source of it?

This is scientists’ obligation to find these forces and their source, but they are not doing that.

3. The creation of Life hypothesis

The only explanation is the following: there is something (an object) next to an embryo of a living being (near the embryo's atoms and molecules) that forces the embryo to grow by forcing the atoms to build a living being. If there is no such object, the atoms shall remain in a state of chaos.

There is such force next to an acorn and it is capable of growing an oak.

There is such force next to a fertilized egg and it is capable of growing a human body.

The presence of required number of atoms and molecules comprising a living creature is useless, if this force is not around. No living being can be created without that force!

To date, such forces are either unknown or their input to life creation is not yet determined. Force is a measure of impact on a body from another body or field, which means from another object; therefore, the scientists must search for it and find this natural object which consciously builds a living being’s body including a human body. Needless to say, that the scientists should explore and study the details regarding this object: how this object is formed by nature, how it functions and how it can be influenced.

There is such an object in religion called god, and religion maintains that god can be influenced by prayers. However, the science calls for more and the philosophy needs this unknown object to be found, so we can understand how it can be influenced.

Let us call this object Spirit. I’d like to stress that philosophy, relying on discoveries in all other fields of knowledge and on logic, points to the existence of Spirit in every living being. There is no doubt about it.

Here is an analogy. We might know nothing about the existence of means of transport, let's say, about the existence of cars or even horses. But if someone covers a hundred kilometers in one hour, there must be something in the world that helped him to travel so fast and, therefore, we should have no doubt in existence of vehicle.

Following the same logic, the existence of yet undiscovered Spirit in every living being is indisputable.

As it’s seen nowadays, hypothetically, Spirit is a bundle of the structured field. In essence Spirit is an analogue of information collected in a computer, but this information is stored on the substrate of ether, not in the “hardware”. The word “computer” gives us the image of a system unit, laptop or smartphone, and therefore it is not easy to imagine that the information recorded in them exists separately from the “hardware”. Perhaps for someone it will be easier to imagine Spirit like a hologram living in our body.

Spirit is connected to mature living body via spinal cord.

Obviously, this is a hypothesis awaiting experimental confirmation.

Since the human body is similar to the body of an animal, on the one hand, but, on the other hand, human being is far more developed than any animal, so it should be assumed that humans possess one more object similar to Spirit.

Having in mind that:
- Spirit is the object that builds, maintains and heals the body of a living organism;
- Spirit’s existence is non-doubtful, since without this object it is impossible to imagine how the body of a living being can be built;
- Spirit was somehow created by Life;

So the existence of another object of the same physical kind is also should be admitted logically and naturally.

The second object which we call Soul for convenience is in fact what the humans identify themselves with. Roughly speaking, Soul is us.

Most likely every living being with a brain possesses this object (Soul) at least in embryonic state.

In this work, while searching for philosophical, i.e. general, fundamental evidence of the immortality of human being, we shouldn’t waste time speculating about the detailed structure of Spirit and Soul as well. It is important for us that philosophy points out these objects.

4. Evidence of the immortality of human Soul

What proves human being has Soul?

Human body consists of atoms – particles that have certain mass and therefore inertia. But, due to inertia, atoms are not able to provide the speed with which we receive information from the outside (say, from the eyes), the speed of our thinking, i.e. the speed with which we extract information from memory and process it.

Today, biochemists claim that a human being thinks with the substance of the brain by the fact that the connections between the neurons of the brain sometimes pass some signals and sometimes don’t. Earlier they claimed that sodium ions are passing back and forth on their own along those connections. Now they claim that calcium ions are also doing the same, so the thinking process is the sodium-calcium rush of ions.

Meanwhile, all atoms and molecules in a piece of steel are also connected with each other, but we have never seen piece of metal thinking, have we? The presence of any connections cannot explain the process of thinking. Human consciousness, memory and emotions cannot be the result of movement of atoms and molecules that have a mass.

The hypothesis of biochemists that thinking is explained by the movement of atoms is very easy to refute by the fact that the temperature of any object is a consequence of the movement of atoms and molecules. If the brain thinks with the help of the movement of atoms, then at night, when a human is asleep and does not think about anything, such movement is not enough and the brain must be cold. When a human wakes up and starts thinking, it means that the atoms and molecules of the brain supposed to move faster and faster. Therefore, the temperature of the brain must rise, so it must heat up. If biochemists knew the elementary laws of physics, they would never come up with such a mechanical hypothesis of thinking.

The philosophical proof of the existence of Soul is the fact that it is absolutely impossible to ensure the process of human’s thought as well as to ensure the speed of thinking by moving the matter of the brain – its atoms and molecules.

There is no doubt that Soul is an object connected with the body through the brain during the lifetime, but it is possible and necessary to look at Soul as an object that can exists independently from the body. Just like Spirit.

So, we are talking about two objects: Soul and Spirit. Might they be one object? Can Soul be an integral part of Spirit? The answer is no, because when a human dies his body can go on living for weeks and months with medical assistance: blood continues to pump through the vessels, internal organs continue to assimilate nutrients and excrete waste, no tissues and organs begin to decompose, etc. Consequently, Spirit remains within the body and controls its functioning.

The substance of the brain in such a body also remains in a generally non-decomposing state, but the person himself can neither feel nor think – he is already dead. Therefore, there is no longer Soul in the body. Thus, Spirit and Soul are two different and independent objects.

Maybe the human Soul just dies before the Spirit? Maybe Soul is somehow decaying, just like the dead body is decaying? Though, there is no evidence to support this assumption. According to the scientific data, the human brain consumes about 20% of all the energy assimilated by a human body. The unit of mass of the brain consumes 16 times more energy than the unit of mass of the rest of the body. Energy is the ability to do work, and if energy is introduced precisely into the brain, i.e. into its atoms and molecules, then we should also see the work of this energy. But we see the opposite: the brain does not perform any physical or thermal work in the body, and this, in turn, raises the question: what this energy is used for?

The answer is: this energy is used to the creation of Soul and to the work of Soul. This energy creates our memory and our consciousness. It’s similar to the energy that is required for information input into a computer memory and for operating the files stored inside the computer or in the cloud storage.

If Soul was in the brain and decayed with the death of the body, then the energy that used to create at least our memory would have to be released back. Elementary calculation with all possible allowances shows that in such case a death of 70-year old man would release the energy equivalent to dozens of tons of trinitrotoluene. Therefore, if Soul also dies at the moment of death we would witness a huge release of energy similar to an explosion.

This is the philosophical proof of human immortality: human body dies and decomposes, but a human being (individual) stays alive. It doesn't really matter that today we have no idea what Soul looks like and what kind of energy supply keeps it running. The main thing is that we do not die when our body dies.

Just a few words about the field that creates us, about the force that generates our Spirit and Soul. Human being is hardly analogous to a computer memory card; we are not sort of a structured bundle of electric field, because we can withstand high voltage without harm to mental abilities. There is the same with magnetic field. What remains is a gravity field which is more suitable because it is known. But we cannot ignore a field that is completely unknown to us – a bio-field.

Therefore, on the basis of its own evidence on human nature and its’ immortality, philosophy should task physics with a challenge to explore the physical essence of a human, to understand what kind of natural object we are. How has Nature created us and how do we function?

And yet, even without waiting for an answer from physics, the most interesting things are the two issues arising from the fact that a human is immortal.

First of all, why does Nature need us to be immortal, what do we (our Souls) live for? Why are we immortal?

Secondly, do all Souls live identically (in similar manner) after the death of the bodies?

5. What religions say

Now let's take a philosophical, i.e. fundamental, look at religions from our angle of interest. Where religions come from? What is their source? Why do religions appear? Why people invented them? Not “what”, but “why” people invented them?

It is worth noting that not only humans die but everything around us dies as well. The same kept happening at the times when religious beliefs began emerging. Trees and animals would die in a due course; mountains’ erosion or lakes’ overgrowing might have been difficult to observe within the life of one person, however, people could suspect that those natural objects were not everlasting. People could not help noticing that everything in life ends with death.

Nonetheless, there is hardly a nation that doesn’t have religious beliefs at all. All religions on planet Earth have one thing in common: human continues to live after his body dies. That is amazing!

What made founders of religions think like that? How to understand the discrepancy between what people saw in the surrounding life and how they saw their fate? How can it be explained?

Here is my version.

At a certain stage of the development of the intellectual capabilities of human tribes, people began to think about themselves, about their fate and about how and what is happening in the world. So, at those remote ages when some of those folks pondered the meaning of life, someone invisible from the Other World communicated without a word, meaning that a prompter could not explain or outline anything, or formulate an idea verbally.

It is impossible to explain the fact that all the people of all religions nearly all over the world came to the same idea of human immortality, if we ignore any unknown outside informers (any god). Deductive method allows us to claim that those invisible prompters could be previously deceased people – their immortal Souls inhabiting in the Other World. Where is it?

Other World is here on Earth, with us. It is difficult to suggest another place for it, and there is no need for that. At this level of cognition, it is important for us to understand that Other World does exist. Everybody will know how it looks at one time.

Could these invisible prompters were not the people who dead before but some kind of a god?

Yet, taking into consideration that even today all religions differ a lot from one another, moreover, all religions are having extremely primitive knowledge about the world, then we have to rule out a god or even multiple gods. All-mighty and all-knowing gods should have known that, for example, the Earth is not flat. Due to poor knowledge these religions are relying to, it is obvious that those invisible prompters were poorly informed – even youngest (recently appeared) religions have insufficient data about our world.

Here is the point. Since the prompters from Other World could not pass a message in words, they were only capable to understand what the living person was thinking of and to give him a sign when his thoughts somewhat coincided with a message from invisible prompters. Come to think of it, the individuals to whom Souls from the Other World wished to communicate with would be acknowledged as prophets because they had pondered of ideas that Souls of dead people wanted to inform.

Therefore, the specificity of religions depended on their founders – the prophets. They came up with the specific details of religions on the basis of their own personal life experience or the history of their tribe, while the prompters, figuratively speaking, would knock the brains of prophets when their thoughts match the ones the prompters wanted to deliver. Hence, prophets had revelations.

That is why all religions differ in details and sometimes are opposite or even utterly conflicting in the tribes separated by distance or time. Nevertheless, the invisible prompters managed to deliver the same message to prophets on all continents: humans continue to live after the death of their body!

The next thing that has entered into almost all religions in some variations is that a person while living in this world needs to live differently as animals do. A human needs to follow certain rules. These rules and rituals can be universally accepted and strengthen social ties like Christians’ Ten Commandments or morals of the Incas: “Do not steal, do not lie, do not be idle”.

Sometimes these rules could have been quite bizarre and violent, say, human sacrifice; moreover, the victims participated willingly in such rituals. Why would a lot of people overcome their self-preservation instinct, i.e. the most powerful primal drive, and agree to be killed as a sacrifice?

The only answer is they believed they will continue to live.

Let’s talk about the rules. Why would religions impose these rules?

Assuming a philosophical approach again, we can rightly suppose that the invisible prompters tried to deliver the message to those still living in mortal body: human behavior should be different from animals.

Why is it necessary?

If a human continues to live as a physical object after his body is dead, what difference does it make whether he follows the rules or not? What difference does it make whether a person lives as an animal or as a human?

It appears that there is a difference and life after death will be different for those who follow the rules and who don't.

It appears that adhering to religious rules is a prerequisite for a decent life after the death of a body. It means to live in a place that some religions call a paradise or to ensure reincarnation not into a toad but into a noble animal at least.

6. Rules for heavenly life

This is important: all world religions do not promise their adherents a simple, automatic and equal immortality for all – religions demand from a person now, when a person is in a body, to live in a certain way. Speaking principally, human being must live differently than animals do, must not be guided only by animal instincts.

What this means?

An animal live exclusively for its own and even straying into flocks is just a way of individual survival driven by instincts. But a human being is OBLIGED TO LIVE FOR THE BENEFIT OF THE HUMAN SOCIETY.

After all, what does sacrifice mean? Why a victim did obediently accepted to be killed by the sacrificer? Because the victim did it in the name of society – the sacrificing placated the gods to be supportive for this society.

Interestingly, even if religion, over time and with a corresponding increase in the cultural level of both the prophets and their interlocutors from the Other World, could improve in its fundamental principles, for example, in its views on God, the need to live according to the norms of human morality remained and even became stricter.

Following the moral rules is crucial, not the God!

Let's take Abrahamic religions: Judaism, Christianity and Islam. The common holy book for them is the first part of the Bible – the Old Testament.

In the most ancient religion Judaism, God is the chief of the Jewish tribe and the patriarch of the Jews Abraham concluded an exclusive agreement with God to protect the Jews from all sorts of hardships. That is, in Judaism, God is represented as an analogue of man (“So God created man in His own image; in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them.” – Genesis 1:27), only much stricter than the earthly big chiefs. Actually, this is how the gods were represented in ancient Greece and Rome as well as among the ancient Germans, Slavs and Scythians.

As time went on, Christianity emerged in the Abrahamic religions. In Christianity the God became not only international, but His image became incomprehensible – represented in three of His hypostases: Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

That is, at the beginning of the creation of the Abrahamic religions, people who remained active in the Other World believed that human fate is controlled by a person – a very powerful, but a person. Therefore, they directed the thoughts of the Jewish prophets in appropriate direction: God is a man. However, later, the prompters from the Other World doubted in that themselves, so they transmitted it to the Christian prophets – the god of Christians tripled in one person, becoming even something invisible in one of the hypostases – the Holy Spirit.

Some time passed, and the Prophet Mahomet either wasn’t told anything intelligible about God from the Other World or Mahomet himself didn’t understand things clearly enough. As a result, Muslims’ God is a kind of Absolute, which cannot be seen. This is certainly not a human at all.

So as time passed, the prompters in Other World as well as the prophets of the Abrahamic religions began questioning if not the existence of God itself but who and what God is. But at the same time, people becoming more and more confident in life after death. Also it remained unshakeable that while in the body human being must follow certain rules, otherwise he will not get to heaven.

Philosophy submits that the reason why all religions demand to live in the name of society, is make as many people as possible enter not just the Other World after they die, but enter the “heaven” of the Other World. Religious ideas about the structure of the Universe are completely stupid, but the fact of our life is that all religions insist that human being continues to live after their body dies. Therefore, in order to have a decent life in the future it is absolutely necessary to live in a certain way.

By the way, there are absolutely no religions today that would require believers to live for the benefit of society. All traditional religions are being degenerated, and majority of believers live in the name of themselves – in the name of their future life in Heaven. The basic idea has disappeared and the meaning was replaced by the form: instead of building the kingdom of God on Earth, believers limit themselves by just lighting a candle in church.

This does not apply only to Christians. Muslim suicide bombers do not die in the name of society, or even in the name of God (despite what they say and think about it), they blow themselves up for a selfish purpose – to enter the Heaven.

But striving for the personal benefit is not what transfers people to Heaven. Religions today are a stupid self-deception, so anti-religious propaganda is required for the real salvation of people. From a certain point of view, it is necessary to discourage people from believing in god in order to get what they want to achieve through faith.

Interestingly, the preachers of all religions have learned how to respond to almost any anti-religious argument, but only argument they are unable to explain is the goal of getting to Heaven. Ask the believers: Why does God need you? It’s fine that you, believers, are sure that you will go to Heaven, but why does God need you there? Why would God let you stay in Heaven forever?

Finally, what will a believer do in Heaven? What is the purpose of sending righteous believers to Heaven? What are they going to do there? Eat, drink and sing Hallelujah forever? It's no better than hell! Today, the criminals convicted for life are in such “Heaven”. They are very well taken care, feed regularly and may sing songs. Does it look like Heaven? And since prisoners are allowed to be visited by their relatives, life in prison seems to be even better than Heaven.

Religious narratives are false because they do explain the PURPOSE OF LIFE neither for gods nor for people. It is impossible to answer the “ultimate” philosophical question “What is human being?” without clarifying the purpose (objective) of life. It is impossible to identify the machine without finding out what it is designed for.

7. The purpose of Nature and human life

The purpose for which a person creates a machine is the purpose of this machine existence throughout its entire life cycle. Analogically, the purpose for which Nature creates a human being is the purpose of a human being's entire life. It is just logical.

But what is this Nature’s purpose?

Let’s clarify the following: what is Nature in the most general sense?

There are a lot of terms used to define the word “Nature”. In order to avoid confusion let's don't multiply entities unless absolutely necessary. Let’s use the term “Nature” in its most general understanding: “Nature is everything around us and inside us”.

First of all, the main thing about Nature is that everything around and inside us is conducted by laws of Nature. These laws do not just “act”, they cause movement of everything that exists and everything that exists is constantly changing.

All living organisms go through several stages of their life cycle. For example, a frog goes through three stages: an egg – a tadpole – a mature frog. A human goes through four stages: a fertilized egg – an intrauterine fetus – a child – a mature person.

Nature, as a living organism, also goes through certain stages in its development, i.e. evolution.

If we look philosophically at the stages of the Nature evolution which already known to us, as well as at the stages the existence of which we can assume, then we will see the main law: Nature in its evolution strives to create the most complex objects that are able to exist and reproduce in the existing conditions.

It’s assumed that Nature has evolved the following way on the Earth. At the very beginning the Earth was a large spherical volume of incandescent matter in space. Then, as a result of the movement caused by the laws of Nature, the ocean appeared on Earth – a huge reactor in which the laws of Nature, caused the movement of matter in a solution of ocean water, contributed to the formation of very complex molecules and then to generate a germ of Spirit. This Spirit’s germ begins to create the living cells which were very simple at the beginning and then step by step became more and more complicated. Accordingly the Spirit of every living cell develops itself by every cell generation.

This initial process was the beginning of phenomenon that we called Life.

After that, Life, under the influence of the trillions of Spirits generated everywhere in the ocean, was further developed. It was perfected and developed by the laws that we are already aware of and those we don’t know about. For the moment Nature has reached an intermediate stage, an intermediate purpose – in particular, it created us, humans.

Yes, we are the top creation of Nature at the current stage of Life evolution and this is not a hyperbole – this is a fact.

But we are not Nature’s final creation.

In fact, everything moving towards its end – to what we call death or similar to death. Is there any reliable reason to believe that Nature is not moving towards its end – its death?

I see no such reasons.

Yes, of course, we don’t know, or rather, there is no hypothesis about what exactly the death of Nature may look like, but there is even less reason to believe that Nature itself is designed for eternal life. Everything dies in Nature, so why would Nature live forever? Hypothesis of Nature’s endless life does not look very convincing.

Let’s assume – if the final stage of the movement of Nature is the death of Nature then the objective of Life in Nature is to prevent death. So, Life is the instrument created by laws of Nature in order to avoid its death.

After all, look how ingeniously the laws of Nature arranged. By randomly sorting through the options, the laws of Nature create a variety of organisms, among which there are those that do not fight or fight poorly for their eternal life in a succession of generations. Let's say they don't care if they have offspring or if their successors can survive – like some people of the modern “civilized world” who vote for homosexuality and “childfree” life. As a result, such organisms die, and only those organisms remain that provide their kind with eternal life. As a result, the Life as such by constantly rejecting degenerates makes its way through to eternal existence.

But how can Life exist forever if the Nature in which it exists dies? Therefore, Life’s purpose is to prevent the possible death of Nature. So, the purpose of Life is clear and simple – to save itself and by this saves the Nature.

What is the purpose of humanity then?

There are no many possible answers to this question: the purpose of humanity is to be the brains and hands of Life, respectively, the brains and hands of Nature. Be the savior of Nature.

8. Living for society

If humanity is to be the savior of Nature what is the purpose of each individual? For this we need again to move away from human vanity and look at the question philosophically i.e. in general.

There are billions of people, but Life is one and Nature is one. For these billions to be the mind and hands of Nature, they must live for achievement of this purpose – provide an eternal existence of Life and Nature, and since this purpose, I repeat, is the same for everyone, so everyone must live in order to achieve this COMMON objective – in the name of the survival of their society and the mankind.

As far as I know, no one had such a purpose since the beginning of times and this is understandable – no one thought about the purpose of Nature and did not dedicate their lives to it.

Philosophically thinking, the main thing is not whether a human understands his native destiny but whether he has brought up himself (his Soul) so that he can dedicate his life to the society’s prosperity without self-abuse? Logic says that life for the society is also good for Nature.

A person needs to develop the ability to consider that living for the common good is the most interesting thing to do in life. And, of course, it is not good to live exclusively for yourself: eating, drinking, having fun etc.

These ideas lead to a philosophical explanation of why human is immortal. So, mind of Nature is the mind of the mankind. In case the humanity is limited only by people lived in their own bodies then the death of previous generations is very unproductive for Nature. If people die, then all the information stored in their memory will disappear with them. Moreover, it is quite dangerous. After all, there is a threat of a global catastrophe in which humanity may die out all at once like dinosaurs and mammoths, so everything that Nature has learned about itself with the help of humanity will be lost together with humanity. It’s a great waste!

Therefore, not only a human is immortal but, most likely, all living creatures that have brain and, accordingly, memory are immortal as well. If the knowledge and data accumulated in the memory of people during their life recorded in Nature, then after any catastrophe on Earth, Nature will have the opportunity to rapidly recreate living organisms, including humans.

So, let's sum up the main ideas of this philosophical research.

The purpose of every individual's life is to live for the society. If a person knows how to do this and gets satisfaction from such a life, then everything is fine with him.

What does “it's fine with him” mean? What can happen to person if he prefers not to submit to the task that Nature sets for people? What happens to him after his body dies, if during the life in the body he “didn’t care” about society, if he lived for his own pleasure only?

Let’s remind that energy is required to be alive. To be active and in a good mood, a living being needs energy. A human being gets energy from food and about 20% of the energy is consumed by the brain. Hence during life in the body a human brain (brain area) consumes nearly 16 times more energy per mass unit than other parts of the body.

Most likely in the Other World a human's Soul needs energy as well. It would be strange and illogical if the Soul received energy for its functioning during its life in the body, and would suddenly cease to need energy completely having left for Other World.

Actually I don’t know where Soul gets its energy from as well as many other things. This is the subject to further research.

There is a law of Nature that sounds like “the law of natural selection”, but in fact it is “the law of conservation of energy in Nature”. If a living organism does not meet the purpose of Nature, then Nature won’t waste energy to keep it alive. Nature gets rid of the useless organism.

Postmortem visions confirm that after the death of the body, everyone begins a different life. There are tens of thousands reports of people who were in a state of clinical death. The point is not what exactly people see. The point is that not everyone has postmortem visions! According to the available data only 10-40% of people have visions, but the rest see nothing.

At first glance, there is reason to believe that people who do not want to live for the society interests and who should be eliminated for this reason, are actually eliminated by Nature. However, this does not happen – at the death moment, the energy that spent to create their Souls not released. So the people seeing nothing in the Other World still go to the Other World, they still alive. It is evident, because otherwise the information they have accumulated will be lost.

However, egoistic people have a different status in the Other World than people who meet the purposes of Nature. Let's just say that egoists or selfish people in the Other World don’t feel comfortable. This derives from the law of conservation of energy in Nature. Nature does not waste energy for something that does not meet its purposes.

Maybe the egoists or selfish people like the computer just switch into “sleep mode”, in which they turned off and practically do not consume energy? Maybe they simply unconscious? Probably this is what selfish people are dreaming of.

Firstly, all living creatures are the memory of Nature therefore they have to report something what they know if necessary. An unconscious person will not hear the question therefore Souls of egoists must be conscious as well as the ones of animals.

Secondly, if egoists or selfish people die “completely”, then religions would not have their own religious rules for bodily life as conditions for entering paradise, and would not tell narratives about the terrible torments of sinners. Of course, all these narratives about hell and devils are just prophets’ assumptions on what the terrible torments of a person in earthly life may look like and their approximation of the torments that sinners experience after death.

Probably the people who did not fulfill the purposes of Nature (like animals) exist in a state of sensory deprivation – they will be conscious but they do not see, hear or feel anything. Such a state is most likely for them simply because of the lack of energy provided by Nature in the Other World. The energy for active life provided only for those Souls who met the purposes of Nature during the earthly life.

Sensory deprivation is the most wanted state for animals but for humans it is nothing but hell.

9. How should we live?

It is clear that we operate with poorly founded hypotheses while talking about posthumous time of humans but, due to the great importance for people, they should be taken into account even with such weak validity. We should take it that way because there is no evidence of the opposite – that we will have no torment whatever we do in our earthly life. Of course all the people want to avoid torment but the desire of even billions is not the proof.

What does this philosophical study of the issue of human immortality lead us to?

1. The absence of forces, known to chemistry, that can create a living being proves that living organisms created by an object of unknown nature and located in each organism, but not consisting of atoms and molecules. In this work this object is called Spirit.

2. The inability of molecules and atoms to ensure the speed of human consciousness proves that a human – his emotions, memory and mental abilities – provided by the object of unknown nature located in every organism, but also does not consist of atoms and molecules. In this work, this object is called the Soul.

3. The consumption of a disproportionate amount of energy in the brain area can only be explained by the energy expenditure for the construction of Soul, and the fact that at the time of death there is no visible release of this energy proves that Soul does not die along with the body.

4. The analysis of religious ideas and the logic give reason to suppose that Souls of people after the death of their body live differently, and Souls of those who do not meet the purposes of Nature experience torment.

How all this can be imagined?

Let’s assume that all living people are the one person, and all the dead are the one network of unprecedented power located somewhere on internet cloud servers in the conditional Heaven. Then the model of our world can be seen as a person using a computer. A computer has memory and the ability to think quickly, whilst person, in addition to his mind, has the ability to turn a thought into material objects.

By creating human, Nature has created an indestructible mind and working hands!

Based on this analysis, philosophy requires from the sciences:
- to find out the physical nature of the human Soul and Spirit;
- to establish the physical basis of communication with Souls of the Other World;
- to establish this communication.

I would like to inform that this is exactly what the “Immortality of Life” Institute is doing. The Institute has already completed the preparation stage and about to start work regularly. I invite everyone who understands the meaning of what is written in this work to take an active part in the development of the Institute.

Get registered on www.iBZh.ru and get ready:
- to discuss and evaluate published materials;
- to independently publish materials on the subject of the Institute;
- to suggest ways to improve the Institute's activities.

Let's together create a Portal to the Future World!

Author: Yu.I. Mukhin

19 July 2021

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